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Hit the tio

Today at Cosa Nostra, we watered the vegetables and picked the green spinach to take home for later.

We visited Perla and Violeta. Perla was very good to let us take turns riding on her but today Violeta didn’t want to. Afterwards, we went to feed the hens and ducks. Today they laid nine eggs, to our surprise David spotted that one chicken had laid an egg making the egg count to ten.

We headed down to the goats and sheep to feed them and stroke them. Aleix decided to try to pick up xipsa.

Soon it was time to eat, we headed to the sinks to wash our hands and eat our breakfast outside. Now we were ready to go and play some activities such as ‘musical statues’, ‘musical chairs’ and ‘countdown’ where we had to pass the cone when counting down from ten.

We made some Christmas tree snowmen using paper, sequins and pipe cleaners.

Just before lunch, we got our sticks ready to hit the Christmas Tio or Christmas log, we got prepared with our sticks and practised the song to sing to the Tio. We hit the Tio and we all got some chocolate to share and eat for after our lunch.

Then it was lunchtime, we all helped to set the table and we ate our yummy squash soup, paella, and salad. For our dessert we had some chocolate.

After packing away the table, we played some more activities outdoors. Some of us were very adventurous and decided to climb the side of the castle to get to the very top. You can get the best view up there!

At the end of the day we were packed and ready for our holidays with our spinach and snowmen. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!

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