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Ginger bread

Today has been a non stop morning of fun and activities, we´re all feeling very festive and happy from a hard days work and play!

Over the weeks

We took the leaves to Perla, Valentin, Violeta and our farmers have become very skilled in making sure everything is watered. We used the watering cans and the hose to make sure it was all wet, then moved on to another important task- Picking the vegetables! All those vegetables we´ve planted are starting to look really good and ready, especially the potatoes and spinach. So, today we dug for potatoes and pulled the big bunches of spinach to take home! Aneu found the biggest potato today and put it in with all the others, we had quite an impressive amount!Estrella, our Ponies and Donkeys. They ran towards us they were so excited about their snacks! We also rode Perla today, David was very excited about his first ride and lots of others had a nice adventure on Perla aswell. We also had a look at the new duckling and looked for eggs, we found 9 altogether! This is a great improvement as they were previoulsy being a bit shy since it got a bit colder.

After feeding the hungry goats, we took to the kitchen to make our festive tasting treats, gingerbread! We made the tasty mix using fresh gínger and made all sorts of shapes and sizes. Before we ate them or took them home, we watched the gingerbread man story to make it even more enjoyable.

We had a really good time painting each others feet and hands today. It sounds strange, but it was of course for some lovely artwork! We made some great pictures of Santa riding his sleigh, along with some creatively made reindeers.

Everyones feeling very excited for Christmas, as are we, and we can´t wait to see some of you at the winter camp and the rest of you again in 2016!

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