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Mole hunting

Firstly, all the children went mole hunting! They used a spades and sticks to dig to try and find the mole. They also decided to make a mole trap where they tied up some string to a basket to make a mole trap. They´re hoping that they will be able to catch the mole this week. After, we watered all the vegetables and picked some potatoes and cauliflowers. Guillem managed to find some really big potatoes. We gave the leaves from the cauliflower and potatoes to Perla, Valentine, Estrella and Violeta. They really enjoyed them

Next, we went to the animals! Perla, Valentine, Estrella and Violeta really enjoyed the leaves from the potatoes and cauliflowers. Tao found 5 white eggs and enjoyed catching the chickens. The children also enjoyed seeing the duckling who is now living with the chickens and ducks. They had lots of fun following the duckling around and watching what it was doing. Aleix was very kind and went and got the straw to give the ponies and donkeys their dinner.

After we went and fed the goats, it was time to make gingerbread. The children had fun placing all the ingredients into the thermomix. After all the dough was made we used cutters to turn the dough into a shape. The children got to choose from a star, a person, a Christmas tree or a stocking. The children had lots of fun making the different shapes, Jordi made lots of stars.

We all then went and did some painting. We all painted onefoot green and stamped it on the paper and then we painted our hands. The foot print was a sleigh and the hand prints were meant to be a reindeer. Julia found it very ticklish when she was getting her foot painted. They all then drew Santa on the sleigh and drew the reindeer’s eyes and horns.

Once we had finished painting we went to look at our gingerbread. They smelt and tasted delicious! It was such a lovely way to end the evening.

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