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Collecting potatoes

We had a very eventful morning, especially in the vegetable garden. Firstly, we watered the vegetable garden and Txell and Àneu picked all the weeds near the peas. After, all the children planted some radish, they were given a handful of seeds which they then sprinkled on the soil. The children had lots of fun spreading the seeds. After, all the children planted some spinach, they were very careful to ensure the seeds only went in the line. They were very good at taking it in turns to plant the seeds. We then went to pick some potatoes, the children were very excited to see how big the potato was going to be. We saved all the leaves to give to the animals. Lastly, we went to see if we could see the mole that has been living at the back on the farm. The children had lots of fun looking at the moles tunnels, but unfortunately we couldn’t find the mole.

Then we went to see the animals, they really enjoyed eating the leaves from the potatoes. We also gave them their breakfast as they were really hungry. After, the children found a poorly pigeon and had great fun trying to make it better. They made it a bed out of straw and gave it food and water. They children also had fun trying to catch the chickens, they were being very quiet so they could catch them. Gina and Maria both caught a chicken, they enjoyed holding them whilst giving them food out of their hand.

After we had said hello to all the animals, it was time to make bread. The children had an excellent time rolling the dough and making a shape of their choice Maria and Mae made a ´M´ for their name and Jan made his bread to look like the letter ´J´. Whilst it was in the oven cooking, we started making Christmas cards. The children used felt to make a snowman, reindeer and Santa. They drew on the felt, cut out the shape, glued eyes and nose and then used pencils and pens to colour the card in. Inside the card they also wrote a nice message to their family member in English. Asier made a reindeer, it was really good!

To end the day we sang ´Jingle Bells´ and watched the lyrics on the projector. After, we went to get our bread out the oven, they looked and tasted delicious!

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