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Making paper bags

We´ve had an action packed today here at Casa Nostra! We started the day off by giving the animals their breakfast, the children enjoyed feeding them. Blai carried the straw in his basket and fed it to Valentine, whilst all the other children fed the chickens. Perla gave a donkey ride to the children too, Marti really enjoyed it! After, we went to the vegetable garden and watered all the vegetables and pulled all the weeds out near the peas. Maria and Elsa were excellent at removing the weeds! The children all worked as a team collecting all the weeds as quick as possible and placing it the wheelbarrow. Aleix pushed the wheelbarrow around to all the children, so they were able to put the weeds in it. We then collected some leeks, they hard to pull really hard to remove them from the soil.

After all the children had their breakfast we made a bag out of paper. The children had to cut fold and glue the paper to turn it into a bag. Once the bag was bad the children were then able to decorate it with glitter, pens and paper. Sara turned her bag into a frog and Aleix turned his into a lion, all the bags were amazing! Once we had finished making the bags, we played outside. Some children climbed the tree, some bounced on the trampoline and some climbed the castle. Blai and Jordi jumped really high on the trampoline and even did some roly poly´s. We also worked as a team to catch the chicken that had escaped on Saturday!

In the afternoon, the children made a brownie with Maria. When it was cooking, some of the children made Christmas cards and some went to the river with Josh. The children had a really fun time exploring the river and finding lots of interesting objects! Blai and Jordi used glitter, pens and hole punchers to make excellent Christmas cards. Also, the boys painted their foot green and hands brown to make prints on the paper. Their foot print was Santas sleigh and their hand print was a reindeer. The pictures looked excellent! Once we got back we were able to eat the brownie, it was delicious!

To end the day we went and saw the animals one last time, where we got to have a ride on Perla. This was such a lovely way to end the day!

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