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Making pizza

Today is the first day of december and a new day of Winter activities for all the children at Casa Nostra!

The vegetable activities saw a new method of growing; giving some special nutrients to the ever growing artichokes. We each took a handful of the special beads and sprinkled them evenly on the plants. This will help them to grow even bigger until we have some tasty artichokes to eat. We also watered every planton the plant, using both watering cans and the sprinkle technique. We marvelled at the cauliflowers, which should soon be ready to pick and had a look at the potatoes showing through the soil. We must say the group are getting better each week, showing some real improvement from their first days.

We went to visit the animals after the vegetables, and had a great time with all the ducks, chickens, donkeys, ponies and goats. We had some lovely treats for them in the form of leek leaves, as we had each picked a leek to take home from the vegetable patch and trimmed them. The donkeys were really happy, especially Perla. We then picked up and stroked the chickens and ducks, and helped them go to bed in their shed. It was an early night for them! The goats were really happy that we brought them food, Gina, Jordi and Cata were very keen to make sure they had a nice dinner.

Next we had two great activities lined up- making pizza and making art. Two of the best things in life! First we made a great pizza from start to finish, working together to create a delicious dough and terrífic toppings. Banu, Bruna, Sara, Judit and everyone got really involved. Afterwards we went to make some lovely pictures of pigs and ducks, combinin use of paint, pencil, crayon, cutting and sticking. Guillem made a lovely pig and duck, as did Joan. Jordi made three friendly pigs!

After our art was complete we sang a great song about days of the week which everyone impressively sang along with. Then we got our pizzes and called it a day, and a great day it was!

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