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Collecting leeks

Today has been one of the busiest Saturdays yet! We started the morning of by watering all the Vegetables in the garden. All the children worked together to make sure all the vegetables were watered. Mai and Asier counted how many green shoots there were from the garlic, they counted 6! After, the children helped collected the weeds from around the beans as there were lots. The weeds were then placed in a green wheelbarrow and Jan took them to Perla and Valentine. Also, the leeks were big enough for all the children to collect one leek each. They had to pull really hard, but they all did and were able to take one leek home. They then washed their leeks and took the leaves for Perla, Valentine, Estrella and Violeta.

The children then went and said hello to all the animals. Some of the children including Aneu and Sara went and collected the white eggs from the chickens. Judit, David and Josh placed a chicken on their shoulder which was amazing, I think the chickens had a lot of fun too. Also, the children fed, stroked and caught the chickens. As well as riding Perla and stroking the ponies and donkeys.

After breakfast the children started making their finger puppets which turned out to be amazing creations. The children had to draw, cut and glue their puppets in order for it to be complete. There were lots of different animal finger puppets including dogs, frogs, pigs, ducks, chickens, ponies and donkeys. After the creations were finished, we went and sang ´London Bridge´ on the trampoline, it was lots of fun and the children were really good at singing.

To end the day, all the children were able to play outside. The children played on the trampoline, castle, swings, climbing wall, seasaw and toy cars and tractors. It was such a fun way to end the busy day!

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