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Clay Pumpkins

Today we had lots of fun celebrating Halloween! But firstly the children had a look at the broad beans to see how big they had grown. There are lots of new beans that have started to grow and the children enjoyed counting them. There was too many we lost count! Banu, Jordi and Sergi dug a really big hole and got very muddy. Also, Joan and Bruna loved jumping in the big puddles and making lots

We then went to the animals who were very happy to see us. We fed the chickens and collected the eggs, we counted 8 white eggs. Bruna and Banu brushed Valentine and made him really soft. Perla had lots of fun too giving the children a donkey ride around the paddock. Bruna helped carry Perla´s food to get her to walk, which she really enjoyed.

We made lots of clay models for Halloween, Bruna and Joanna made excellent pumpkins. After, we created them we placed them in the oven for them to dry. Whilst they were in the oven we had a fantastic time peeling pears to make pear sauce. We were then able to paint the models using lots of different colour paints. Another Halloween activity that we done was turning all the children into scary mummy´s using toilet paper! As a treat the children were able to have a sweet at the end of the evening. However, the children had to put their hand in a bowl of green slimy spaghetti to find one.

We had lots of fun today with all the Halloween activities and we look forwards to seeing what next week has instore!

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