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Leaf painting

Today has been a lovely Saturday with lots of enjoyable activities, both indoors and out. Here´s what we did!

The vegetable garden was absolutely full of green beans today. This is thanks to all the hard work watering, weeding and looking after the plants by our groups over thepast few weeks. We decided everyone deserves some of the crop, so we went round collecting the biggest and fullest green beans we could find. Everyone filled a Basket and made sure that only the larger ones were picked, so that the small ones could grow bigger. We also focused on giving plenty of water to the other vegetables. After working on this last week we could see how much the broad beans had grown and although little for now are growing fast enough to soon be ready to eat! Lots of new broad beans were planted before we moved on to the animals.

The group chose to see either the chickens or the donkeys and ponies first. Some people rode Perla whilst others stroked Valentine. Others checked for eggs and stroked and held the chickens. We have some new hens whos feathers are bright white, we had fun spotting them. Asier and Aneu showed that they were very comfortable on Perla, as were Judit, Sara, Gina and Mae. Mae and Asier even rode Perla together! Today saw another first, which was Valentine giving a ride to some of the smaller children. He´s still getting used to it, hopefully Perla will teach him a few lessons in how to do it as well as her before next time.

Collecting hazelnuts around the tree led to us having some of the tasty nuts inside when we took them back to crack open. We all took it in turns and everyone was very patient waiting for their treat!

The new classroom is proving to be a really great space for creativity, today we continued our theme of leaf painting, and everyone mixed and matched all sorts of colours to make their creations stand out. We used so much paint that the pictures are still drying to take home next week! We also listened to a fantàstic story about Spot the dog, who needed to visit all the other animals to find his ball. Everyone enjoyed naming the animals and shouting which noises they make!

As always everyone left with a smile on their face. We hope that everyone took home a bit of learning as well, whether it be with art, English language or outdoor skills. Maybe even all three! See you next week!

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