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New classroom

Hello again and welcome back to Casa Nostra! Today was a delightful day of beans, leaves, donkeys and stories, what an eventful evening!

There´s always lots to be planted here at the farm school. This can be seen by all the great growth around the field from wht has been planted in the past, and today we got to plant more broadbeans. The green beans have been one of our fastest growing vegetables, we had a look at how big they are after only a few weeks, and got to pick some to take home at the end! After some hard work and lots of planting, we headed to the animals.

Perla has become happier than ever when it comes to taking the children for a ride. Maybe this is because she´s such a friendly donkey, or maybe it´s because she knows that she gets a delicious corn Snack at the end of it. Who knows! Guillem, Aleix, Judit, Sara, and Julia all had a ride around the field, and all looked like the bravest cowboys and cowgirls in Catalunya!

Following our ride we fancied some baking to feed our sweet tooth. We decided to make some Sweet Pizza bread, each pizza was rolled, floured, and sprinkled with sugar by each person before being carved with an initial and put in the oven. The initial meant everyone ate their own pizza and no one elses (we wouldn´t want them to fight like cowboys as well as ride like them), and they were soon ready for eating.

Before they were ready, we made a unique set of tree pictures with real leaves. The leaves were picked from the garden and we learnt about why they fall from the trees in the Autumn. They were Brown, yellow and green and everyone ended up with a masterpiece that we wondered at and sang about.

Whilst eating our sweet pizzes, we got to get comfy by the fire in our new classroom and listen to Alana´s fantastic rendition of the Gruffalo. Everyone was fixated, and needed a good dance afterwards to wake us all up!

We always aim to have all of our groups leaving having had a great time, filled with imagination, activity and learning something new, as well as a few gifts; such as todays green beans and full stomachs! See you next time!

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