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Riding Perla

Today has been one of our most eventful days of the week. We have been inside, outside, playing, creating, riding donkeys, painting, meeting a new baby bird and seeing lots of new things!

As our final day of the summer school, we are both sad to say some goodbyes and excited for the next chapter for Casa Nostra. Everyone has felt the excitement and has been very energetic! We started with a visit to the animals. Today was particularly special because Perla and Valentine were very excited to be back in their more donkey friendly space after some work on the olive trees. Valentine was so excited, he couldn´t stop running around, and everyone enjoyed watching. Now that they are back in their space, this gave us a great opportunity to have a go riding Perla again. She behaved very well abd was happy to have a walk around with Aneu, Aina and Laia on her back.

After a nice breakfast we made some great art with a paint splash technique. This involved flicking the paintbrush towards the page with diferent colours, meaning everyones was very diferent. Judit and Sara´s stood out as being gallery worthy! Added to their ocean scene paper mache balloons, we have a great collection from Ocean week. We also made a fishing rod from a stick and string as well as some other objects. Mario and Max watched and Aitana had a go in the garden.

Afterwards we decided Perla needed a hand with those flies that keep bothering her. We made a fly mask out of soft string, then when finished took it down for a fitting. She seems quite happy that there are less insects to bother her! Speaking of insects, as the pool was taken down for winter the group made some great finds under where it used to be. There were lots of worms and creepy crawlies!

The later afternoon saw some great playing and reading inside whilst warm by the fire. We used the indoor classroom to build forts, towers, pirate face paint, sailor tattoos as well as relax whilst reading books such as Aladdin and Dinosaur textbooks. There was also a great game of dominoes played, in which we think Judit was the winner! Thankfully the rain cleared by the time we could try Maria´s special brownies. We left our game of Monopoly and everyone finshed with chocolate on their faces as well as face paint!

It´s been a great summer. We have truly enjoyed everyones company and hope they have enjoyed ours and that of the other visitors. Now we move back to term time extra curricular projects, and look forward to welcoming guests back next winter! Have a great time back at school and all the best!

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