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Herbs, berries and flowers

It´s Tuesday, and day two of Ocean week, and seen as it´s the final week of the summer school, the group are really looking to enjoy as much as possible of all their favourites at Casa Nostra.

As we waited for everyone to arrive, we all greeted each other and then chose whether to spend time with the animals, the play area or to do some painting and drawing. There was lots of painting and cutting and colouring today. We all aimed to make the most vibrant fish and sea creatures possible. Banu, Adrianna, Lucia, Acier and Txell made some great looking creatures of the deep, and stuck them on their pages with springy paper so it looked like they were swimming.

Boi, Vilma and Ona used their hands and paint to make some really unique looking creations with all sorts of colours. They made the hand prints then added extra paint to make their pictures. Judit, Aitana and Sara and others made some paper mache balloons, which are hung up to dry today to be painted and turned in to something fishy over the next few days.

We also focused a lot on the natural aspects of the garden today. Adrianna, Jana, Quim and Laia helped to collect flowers from around the garden. They found one of each and we brought them together to compare them, then we added them to a piece of paper and counted how many diferent types there were. There were so many diferent and wonderful flowers, as well as a few herbs and berries! As well as this, other groups collected all types of leaves and made some beautiful art using glue and paper.

Our insect collection has also been Building up each day, the children have been picking up what they see and everyone has a look at them before releasing them back to the garden. Today we had two large black crickets! Meanwhile, we expanded our basil garden even further, and can´t wait to taste it in our salads one day soon.

A group effort saw some delicious home made tomato ketchup being made, which could be smelt from all over the garden! It´s one of our favorites and has lots of ingredients from the farm. Our second cooking activity saw some tasty muffins, which, like so many of Marias treats, dissapeared in seconds! See you all tomorrow!

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