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Sneaky chickens

As the week touches down to an end, our astronaughts safely return to Earth and finish off their epic space week.

There was rain again today, and as before, although there was use of the garden and it´s activities, our outdoor sheltered classroom provided a great space for creativity. Marc, Laia, Maria, Aneu and others made some great alien maska. These were actually quite spooky, and the variation of colours and use of shapes by the children were very unique and impressive, although this is day five of space week so they have lots of inspiration. Maria is quite the artist, hers was great! At the other end of the table, some very impressive space exploration vehicles were undergoing final construction- the space rockets! These had transformed through the week from just a bottle to being surely capable of travelling to space- some had three rocket boosters each! These were all to take home at the end of the day if finished. Great jobs all round!

On one of our visits to the animal garden, something quite excitin and unusual happened- quite a few sneaky chickens managed to sneak out through the gate! This meant that everyone had to work together to round them up and help them safely retorn home, to their warm shelter and food. Luckily Valentine and Perla, the donkeys, weren´t that interested in leaving! After they were back, they were well fed by the group and lots of time was spent with them, and plenty of eggs collected.

After a hearty lunch, there was a break in the weather so we were able to have a good old bounce on the trampoline, as well as a group climb up the castle. We perhaps set a record today, a total of fourteen people climbed the castle, whilst everyone made sure to help and teach those who hadn´t d