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Picking tomatos

We started of the day by picking tomatos from the vegetable garden for Maria´s great gazpatcho for Lunch. The children had great fun picking as many tomatos as possible, especially Max and Pol. Also, some of the childen fed the chicken´s and collected the eggs which they thoroughly enjoyed. Adrianna had a fantastic time counting the eggs, she counted 4!

Also, the children done some craft activities which included paper mache, painting planets and making rockets. The children really enjoyed making the fantastic rockets, which they enjoyed spending time on and getting messy. Mario enjoyed making the rockets and is looking forwards to painting it tomorrow.

After lunch, the children went to the library where they read lots of stories and tales. Txell and Bilma especially enjoyed reading Cinderella and The 3 little pig´s. Also, the children had fun bouncing on the trampoline, where they all tried to jump the highest. Maria jumped really high!

The day ended by eating some´s of Maria´s homemade profiteroles, which were really tasty. After, some of the children ended the day by doing some puzzles and board games. We´re looking forwards to our last space day tomorrow!

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