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Planting artichokes

The rain may sometimes delay a space shuttle take off, however this morning a hive of acvivity was created in our sheltered outdoor classroom as we kept nice and dry whilst putting our minds to work.

First, we have a new addition to our varied vegetable garden today. Some lovely soon to be big and green artichockes- all hand planted by our hard working farmers for the day! A big group worked together with our hole diggers and planters making sure everything is in place for one of natures tastiest vegetables- we can´t wait to be eating them, although we learnt that it won´t be for another four months (the best things come to those who wait)!

After visiting the animals, vegetables and trampoline, three astronomical creations were under construction. Some started by colouring in a great spaceship, later to be cut out. Others used as many items as possible to their disposal in order to create a jet pack each to blast them off to space. They used bottles, string and coloured paper to start, and would later use paper mache to complete them. The third group inflated different coloured balloons, then used paper mache to cover them. Each baloon would create a different size and shape, and once dried will be painted to become a unique planet of their own.

The rain continued as some fantastic games came out for everyone to join in and play with. Everyone at one point or another played with the giant connect four, racing to create a line of green or purple in order to win. Pol had lots of fun holding as many rings as possible on his arms. Others liked the jigsaws which saw characters like Pinnochio, Jimmany Cricket and Dumbo come to life (although thanks to previous games one or two pieces were missing, we got the idea!). There was also the boardgame of the Duck, so many people played and it´s so crazy that not everyone understood, but had lots of fun trying anyway!

The lunch saw a wonderful feast from Maria and everyone enjoyed the mixture of flavours whilst the weather improved.

When we finished our lunch, the groups were keen to get out and about, visiting the chickens to check for more eggs, grooming the donkeys, an all time favourite activity of swimming and even having a chance to ride the donkeys as well! Perla is so strong she barely noticed Jordi on her back, but still didn´t move very far!

After a great day of creation and afternoon activity, as well as a great chocolate style calzone invented by Judit and Sara, lots lined up to have the faces painted. There was more than one lion- Blai, Max and Aneu, and Txell was a Princess with a crown!

Here at Casa Nostra we´d never let something as simple as rain stop us from having a great time. Be back tomorrow for more space exploration and fun!

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