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Potato Stamps

Today was day two of space week, which meant the children where able to create some fantastic pictures! The first activity this morning was painting with potatos, where the children used potatos to stamp pictures of the moon, rockets and stars on to a piece of paper using different coulour paints. The children got the opportunity to do their own pictures, as well as doing a large picture all together as a group. The older children enjoyed making their own potato stamps, Judit and Sara worked together to make all sorts of stamps.

Next, some of the children took a trip down to donkeys and chickens. The children had great fun collecting the eggs and taking it in turns to hold the chicks, especially Lucia! After having fun with the animals, the children came up for a break and snack. Maria baked some bread for the children,which they found ever so tasty!

Later on in the day Boi, Mae, Vilma and Lucia took an exciting trip to the castle, where they read lots of exciting books. Outside the castle, the other children played a game where they chased one another around the castle. Then some of the children enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline, working up an appetite for lunch.

In the afternoon most of the group splashed in the swimming pool and took it in turns to find the hoop which was thrown into the swimming pool. Whilst some people were in the swimming pool the rest of the group coloured in some pictures of aliens and plants.

Finally, it was time for the children to have their faces painted. Marc was a lion, Cesca had flowers and Martina had a butterfly. To finish it all off the children ate delicous muffins that Maria cooked. We all had a fantastic space filled day!

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