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Planting basil

Today is Monday, which can only mean one thing- a new theme. For the next five days, everyone at Casa Nostra will be learning all about stars, planets, rockets, aliens and everything else in Space!

The morning started with our brave astronomers creating their own stars, aliens, planets and rockets. We did this by using colouring, cutting out and sticking. Using colours is a great way for everyone to pick their favourite look as well as learning new words and showing off ones they already know! Maria is an expert colourist, whilst Max is great at cutting out. After we all made our space objects, we stuck them either on to a black card to take home or our ´night sky´ to be up on the wall at Casa Nostra. There are some fantastic creations!

After, we were told that eggs were needed for todays feast. A team assembled to go down to visit the chickens to find a new batch of fresh eggs. Jordi, Lara, Sergi and Marti amongst others helped find a great bunch. The chickens had given us plenty for an omlette, and after having a look at the chicks the eggs went up to the kitchen for lunch.

We have lots of new friends this week, and they were eager to see the vegetable garden. A big group travelled down with their baskets whilst others played on the trampoline. The group in the garden helped to water the tomatoes as well as pick some for todays salad and some to take home. Marc found the biggest tomato on the farm, it was a gigantic double! The group on the trampoline had a really good bounce, working up a great appetite for breakfast. Martina, Adriana and Acier jumped very high with our new teacher, Alana.

The afternoon saw lots more events. We made new stars for our night sky, and more alien creations. Lots of us cooled off in the pool, playing with the hoops and inflatables to come up with some new games. There was also a story time on the grass with one of our favourites- the Gruffalo. Laia and Martina also won our fantastic afternoon

game of bingo!

We also made a new addition to the garden. We planted some lovely smelling basil. As a team, some of us digged the miniature holes whilst others put in each tiny new basil, soon to be magnificent enough to go on our salads and lunches! We all left with great smelling hands.

Today has seen the start of a new week, with lots of new friends, events and games to have fun with for the rest of the adventure. We can´t wait to welcome our astronauts back tomorrow!

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