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Crazy egg carton creature

Today was day two of our Monster week. There´s been lots of creativity and scary excitement, as everyone showed their ability to come up with the wildest creatures from their imagination!

Part of the group started making their crazy egg carton creature creations, whilst the others met a new monster, the Cookie Monster, started colouring in pictures of him and making their own pictures using dot to dot. Some people started to paint their egg carton monsters and they looked greatl, whilst everyone thought the cookie monster was very silly (although they would become brownie monsters themselves later in the afternoon).

When we went to the farm, there was a lot to choose from and we had to make sure we didn´t take too many. We all learnt that it´s important to save some for later and let the little ones grow.

After, some people went to jump on the trampoline together whilst others visited the chicks and ducklings. Frida, Luna, Nerea and Naomi along with others helped to collect the ducklings and count how many there are. They used their English to count and also asked which ones are girls and which are boys. There were plenty of eggs to find as well!

After breakfast, we went back to painting pictures. Asier made a monster masterpiece. The team also made some monster mix up books and read books together in the castle library. Some people also played more on the trampoline whilst George´s favourite was the slide, and Sergi and Marti´s favourites were the swings!

The day was topped off by Maria´s brownie making, everyone managed to get chocolate all over the place as there was a frenzy in the kitchen!

I´m sure we all left nice and full, our creations are hung up in the kitchen, hopefully it won´t be too scary next time we eat dinner!

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