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Bingo game

Another super busy day at Casa Nostra! We began the day by getting crafty and continuing ths week´s pirate theme which we´re absolutely loving! Not only did we make fantastic pirate peg puppets, but we made pirate faces, flags and some of us even painted our own telescopes! The older children made some super pirate boats out of recycled water bottles to float in the swimming pool. We were very impressed with their superb engineering skills! They also sculpted clay pirate ships - every single one was amazing! I think we could probably start our own pirate fleet!

The children were very busy around the farm today: picking an abundance of vegetables, collecting eggs, holding the chickens and petting the donkeys. We definitely have some natural born racers who like to speed around Casa Nostra - Max, Jaime, David and Alex were particularly fast on the toy tractors and bikes!

We also had a bit of a chill this afternoon - we enjoyed sitting in the shade and singing English nursery rhymes and counting songs. We loved reading Cat´s English pop-up storybooks too.

As ever, a real highlight of the day was when the children made and ate yummy sweet pizza dough. It provided us with the perfect snack to eat whilst playing a game of bingo or two, at the end of such an action-packed day.

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