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Balloon racing

It´s the beginning of another fun week at Casa Nostra! Mondays are always very special because new faces arrive and join us in our adventures. We´ve even had a few children coming back to us again like Iona! So to start off our week, we took the youngest children to see the chickens, our baby donkey and to the vegetable garden. All of the new children loved seeing the animals and going to the vegetable garden to pick some delicious vegetables. The weekend served us well as there were so many humongous vegetables to pick today so the children were very excited!

To start our superhero themed week, the older children started on their superhero cityscapes this morning! They coloured them in very neatly and later in the week we´ll be putting them altogether. The children also enjoyed making superhero and evil masks. They coloured them in and stuck the string on the back so they looked like true superheroes.

The children also had fun making their own superhero figurines. They coloured in the stencils and stuck them on lolly pop sticks so they had their own figures to play with. Some of the children even asked for a Ninja Mutant Turtle stencil!

After breakfast the children had a brilliant time balloon racing. We all hung up string and tide balloons to straws. Then we blew up the balloons and let them race against each other! The children loved teaming up and competing against each other.

They also enjoyed playing with the sticky spider web target. To make this we used masking tape to create the spider web. Then we stuck it to two chairs and used balls of newspaper to throw on it. Xavi was the champion at this!

In the swimming pool today, the children were doing tricks with the hula hoops, like swimming through them as a part of an obstacle course. Then Paula, Aleix, Joel and Bruno even used the hula hoops to train the dogs. They taught the dogs to chase the ball through the hoop, just like in the circus! Also, Joel did some fantastic trampoline work today! He was doing amazing jumps and filps on the trampoline, as well as instructing the younger children in games.

To finish off the day at Casa Nostra, we all had some delicious brownies!


TO ALL PARENTS.. if any of you have any spare shoe boxes please can you recycle them to Casa Nostra for arts and crafts!

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