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Chinese dragon puppets and mask

Another fun day at Casa Nostra! We were all hoping that the eggs we carefully placed in the incubator yesterday would have had hatched overnight, but we will have to wait a little bit longer (about 3 weeks!), even though we will have to check them every day. We just cant wait to have more baby chicks on the farm!

In the meantime, the older children had their very own Plaster of Paris mask made, all ready for us to paint and decorate with feathers, sequins and glitter tomorrow. It´ll be fantastic to see what designs the children come up with. Everybody else enjoyed making Chinese dragon puppets to play with - Pau and Adriana even bounced with theirs on the trampoline! Some children exercised their creative skills with pipe cleaners to make brightly coloured chameleons, other children put their cutting skills to the test and made amazing spiders webs. We are all such a creative bunch at Casa Nostra!

To keep cool, we had lots of fun splashing in the swimming pool and then reading story books in the shade. Our favourite story at the moment, is the pop-up version of ´Goldilocks and the three Bears´- perhaps we could act it out one afternoon?

By the end of the day we´d worked up quite an appetite and were desperate for the chocolate brownie cake that we helped Maria to make to be ready to eat. It was absolutely delicious - so much so, that we all queued up for seconds! Yum!

We look forward to seeing you again in the morning:)

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