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Estrella, the baby donkey

This morning started with an unexpected surprise as the kids welcomed Estrella, the new baby donkey. They were all very excited to find that Perla had had a baby over the weekend and have not stopped visiting her throughout the day. This week is going to be ´World Week´ and so we started to paper mache balloons in preperation for making our very own planets that we will be painting and decorating throughout the week. Keeping with the same theme some of the kids decorated t-shirt bunting with flags from the UK and then three flags of their choice. They also made and decorated Chinese lanterns. After breakfast it was time for a trip to the vegetable garden where we picked the salad for lunch and some aubergines, tomatoes, peppers and courgettes to take home. It was then time to cool off with a dip in the pool as the weather was getting hotter! We also did some colouring and the girls drew Elsa from Frozen. After lunch the kids were very inventive and made a puppet show, as well as a train by connecting the toy cars together with their skipping ropes. We also saw one of last weeks activities of making the mud blocks materialise as the kids assisted with using the blocks to make a shelter for the animals.

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