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Fairy tale adventure week

Today, we kickstarted our day by going down to the vegetable garden to pick fresh, home grown tomatoes, juicy green peppers and aubergines for Maria to prepare for our deliocious lunch of chickpea salad, potatoes in a butter and onion sauce and fish.

We had a very arty day today, spending hours creating new and exciting things to finish off our fairytale adventure week! We made prince and princess finger puppets that the younger children loved, swords for our knights and beautiful crowns for both boys and girls, turning them into a royal mix of kings and queens!

We swam for hours today! We played ball games and had a great time. Ball games soon turned into a full blown water fight and everyone (including the teachers!) ended up drenched! The children played games on the lawn, including football games and cone games! Soon we were having races with skipping ropes and hula hoops!

Much to the children´s delight, we made a Victoria sponge in the afternoon, a traditional British cake that includes butter cream icing and jam sandwiched between to plain sponges. The children enjoyed making it but they much preferred eating it!

The children decided they wanted to reenact our builders and gardeners here, and did their own bit of gardening, which they thoroughly enjoyed and worked together well in a team.

To finish the day off the children watched one of our very own sheep here being sheered. They were extremely interested in this, especially the older boys who sat and helped pull the wool from the sheep! Overall an excellent day to finish off our first week here at the Farm School.

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