Treasure hunt

We kicked off the day by using our super sleuth skills and going on an exciting fairy tale treasure hunt. Like all true detectives, we left no stone unturned as we searched high and low for clues ranging from ´Ratatouille´ to ´Beauty and the Beast´. Mario´·s team were the winners and were first to unlock the hidden treasure - some super cool ice lollies! Congratulations Mario, Marti, Cesca and Martina!

After a little rest, we held our own mini olympics and showed off our sports prowess. Through hula hoops, dribbling a ball around cones (Barcelona FC watch out!), balancing a frisbee on our heads and walking with a bat and a ball - we raced to the finish . Everyone who took part was truly amazing!

No summer camp day at Casa Nostra would be complete without a splash in the swimming pool - we had a great time. Today we even perfected the art of synchronised handstands and swimming through hoops. Imagine what we´ll be able to do by the end of the week?!

After tasty paella for lunch, we had a relaxing time playing card games - Maria is the reigning champion with her phenomenal memory (absolutely no-one can beat her!). We loved reading ·”Oh no George!” and “We´re Going on a Bear Hunt” too.

Some of us then finished off the day by face painting. Aitana turned into a dinosaur and Bianca a butterfly, before our very eyes! Fingers crossed they change back to normal tonight!?

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