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Green beans

Today we went on another adventure to the vegetable gardens! There were loads of delicious and organic vegetables to choose from, such as potatoes, tomatoes and huge green peppers. The children filled up their baskets to take home at the end of the day, then before they left they looked at the huge watermelons, also growing in the gardens. They, also, each had a go at using the watering cans to water the plants and vegetables growing there. To finish, the children also had the opportunity to plant green bean seeds in the vegetable patch. The children quickly learnt the English words for the vegetables and other things in the garden, as they loved being there!

The children also did lots of arts and crafts today. They started by making labels to go onto jars which contained tasty plum jam, which they made the previous day. They decorated their labels with different colours and wrote their names on them so they could take them home. Also, they decorated shields made out of card with glitter, feathers, sequins and colours, in theme with our fairy tale week!

The children also played a variety of outdoor ball games and competitions to encourage friendships and the use of english. They also loved using the trampolines and playing with the baby chicks.

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