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Gymkhana day

Today was our last day of Easter camp we started the day by feeding the goats, sheeps and ducks.

We then planted some onions, we all had a turn using the machine to plow the soil, we then made holes in the soil so that we could plant the onions.

We then played a game called gymkhana where we got 12 challenges such as a three legged race, potato and spoon race, sack race, telling a funny joke in English and singing in English, this helped us practice our English skills while playing this game and we all enjoyed the challenges and finding each clue.

We went to the beach to play in the water we also enjoyed digging holes and standing in them and burying each other.

Then we started to make our Easter cakes we all enjoyed tasting the chocolate and decorating them with lots of chocolate eggs and feathers.

We then made fun eggs by dying the eggs a different color and then placing a designed wrap around it we had to then put it into boiling water so that the plastic wrap would shrink to fit the egg, we all had fun doing this activity and we all enjoyed our Easter camp.

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