Trip to the farm

EARLY YEARS We started the week with a fantastic trip to Hortus Farm in Canoves. We really enjoyed meeting and taking care of the animals and we also took the ponies for a walk! We have been very excited about the Music Recital today. Some of us have been getting ready for piano performances and all of us have been practising the song, ‘Naughty’ with our best singing voices! We all enjoy the music lessons and like to play with percussion instruments in the class too during Circle Time. We are getting very good in Dance during PE class and we absolutely loved making fresh orange juice in Cooking - yum! We are going to learn about Health and Hygiene after the holidays so we are thinking about

Monkey dance, islands and Microbes

EARLY YEARS This week we have become quite good at our dance moves in PE! We have been stretching, shaking and moving to rhythms. The song that we are learning is 'Do the Monkey’ by The Wiggles. The children really enjoy this song and are doing well at making the animal movements in time. We incorporated Numeracy in Cooking this week when we iced cupcakes with numbers. We also enjoyed joining Primary Choir time as we are learning the song, 'Naughty’ for the show, ‘Matilda’. Finally, we practised writing our names by painting in Art today. PRIMARY In Primary we have had a big art project on our hands. We have been making islands from papier mâché and decorating them. We have imagined our own

Cosmocaixa trip

EARLY YEARS This week we have been using our Traditional Tale, 'Goldilocks and Three Bears’ to encompass not only literacy but numeracy too. We have been story sequencing and ordering our numbers as well as looking at number formation, all with this theme. The children were so looking forward to presenting the story to all at the Project Presentation and were very pleased with their performances! PRIMARY This week the highlight was our trip to CosmoCaixa, where we did a workshop on forces and visited an exhibit about robots. There was one called Felix who followed us around. In the workshop we learned about different forces that make toys work, and we also looked at ways of making electricit

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