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Father's day cards

What a miserable and cold day it was at farm school today. It was trying to rain all morning.

We began the day by planting tomatoes, we then collected many beans and peas and keeping them in our baskets. David collected lots today, he was very good at spotting the biggest ones. All of us then watered the new tomatoes and the rest of the vegetables and the fruit. Mae, was a strong lady, today because she carried two heavy watering cans.

We spent some time with the chickens today. David, Luca, Sergi and Asier tried collecting all the chickens to put in their house.

We had a treat today, we were the first group of children from the farm school that were able to use the new play equipment. We tried so me skipping, volleyball, basketball and some of us tried out our hurdling skills. Luca managed to spin the rope well for others to jump. It’s not such as easy thing to do.

For our cooking today, we made some potato farls. Siobhan told us that last week it was St Patrick’s day and her family celebrate by making and eating a savoury cake made out of flour, salt, potato and pepper. They were something new that we wanted to try. It was tricky knowing how much flour to add. Siobhan and Brad lightly fried the farls, they were tasty but we weren’t so sure about a cake that was made out of potato.

After our cooking we made some father’s day cards. We did our own designs we wrote some very good messages to our fathers. Asier created a very good card for his father for father’s day he wrote his message in English and so did David.

The final part of farm school we sang London’s burning, Judit and Sara did some excellent rounds with this song. It sounded beautiful. Then we used the best frog acting to be the five little spotted frogs. Finally, before home time, we played sleeping lions. Sara was the winner, she’s a very sleepy lion.

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