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Pigs and ducks

As always, Thursday´s group has shown a lot of enthusiasm and energy, which has been channelled into some hard farm work as well as some creative endeavours.

As they were the original creators, the group had to check up on their children’s island, which is made of mud and water. They have been expanding the rivers and emergency overflow ‘areas, and soon may have their own country! They also used some of the water from the rivers to feed the plants and vegetables instead of taking from the tap. An environmentally conscious group!

After our hard work planting a whole new row of peas (after the holes were all made by Elsa), we went to ride Perla in the donkey and pony pen. Today we decided to give the old style a try, with no saddle and only reigns. Perla was just as happy to oblige and enjoyed her treats after each walk. Everyone summoned the courage to get on her back and go for an adventure, even though some people were scared at first! Valentine also proved his new found speed today, he ran around as fast as a cheetah and everyone watched and laughed!

We also had good fun looking at and holding the chickens and ducks. The ducks are huge now! We checked for eggs and, surprisingly, there weren´t any this evening... Hopefully we don´t have an egg thief in the group! I´m sure we don´t. Afterwards we headed up to the classroom for some creative fun.

We made pigs and ducks out of some old cardboard rolls and other items that can be found around the home. First we painted them and then glued buttons, eyes and the rest to make our magnificent creations come to life. Luckily the paint and glue had dried by the time we went home, so they could take them along.

We also made a new batch of homemade Nutella, which we have decided is the best in all of Catalunya, and everyone took a jar home. The simple recipe yielded great results and a simple testing ended up with chocolate on everyone faces.

Well done everyone, see you again next week for some new fun


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