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Pizza day

Hello again and welcome to another super Saturday at Casa Nostra!

This morning has been very successful at the farm, with lots of crops sewn and picked! We planted lettuce today, two whole new rows of it, and everyone is showing how much they´ve learnt by planting the plants firmly, covering them so they don´t fall over and then watering them so they´re well fed. After the planting we managed to pick lots and lots of green beans, each farmer filling their Basket to take home for dinner. We also had a look at the potatoes under the soil, which are growing very well and almost ready for Picking! Before leaving them we covered them again in the soil so they could get even bigger. We had a look at the onions too, they aren´t quite ready yet so we put them back as well.

Once everything was looking great in the vegetable garden, we decided to partake in our two new favourite sports- egg finding and Perla riding! We found a good bunch of eggs today, the hens are doing very well. We also picked some up and stroked them, and had a look at their feathers. Afterwards, Perla was more than happy to give everyone a ride with no fuss at all. She´s used to the cowboys and cowgirls now and she knows there´s a delicious treat for her when she´s finished. The group were very well balanced and calm and thoroughly enjoyed themselves before heading to feed the goats and sheep. Before doing so, we halped create some mud bricks to build the new storage House. We did very well and everyone got their hands dirty, no one is afraid of hard work here!

After the farming and animals, it was time to make some halloween creations from clay. After Jordi invented a new candle which has proved to be very popular, lots of the group decided to do the same, whilst others decided to make scary pumpkins and faces before painting them a variety of colours. Whilst the clay dried we made some delicious pizza with cheese, olives, oregano and our home made tomato sauce from this summers crops. This was a great treat to look forward to- they looked, tasted and smelt fantàstic!

Once the pizzas were ready, some poeple couldn´t resist eating them straight away whilst others wrapped them up to take home. A well earned treat for some tired farmers!

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