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Collecting hazelnuts

​​Today was a very eventful day here at Casa Nostra! We started the evening by watering all the vegetables here on the farm. We had to make sure the peas and broadbeans were watered lots so they can grow really tall! Banu enjoyed counting how many bean shoots there were, she counted 10! After, all the children enjoyed planting curly lettuce and broadbeans. We all then took a stroll to see the animals. Bruna enjoyed brushing Valentine, which he loved! Joanna got to have her first donkey ride on Perla, which she found fanastic!

After we said goodbye to the animals, we went looking for the hazelnut tree. Once we had arrived we found lots and lots of hazelnuts on the floor. The children quickly collected them and put them in their basket to take home! When we got back to the school room the children were able to eat some infront of the fire, they found very tasty!

The arts and crafts activity for the day was leaf Printing. The children had lots of fun painting the leaves red, Brown and green. But they all got very messy, especially Joan! We finished the day off by reading The Gruffalo. We had great fun seeing if the children were a gruffalo by seeing if they had turned out toes, a Black tounge and a wart at the end of their nose! The children also done great owl and Snake nosies.

Next week we will be making Nutella with the hazelnuts. I wonder how much we can make?

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