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Catching insects

Today saw many more ocean activities, including making an exciting boat out of plastic bottles and wood. After, the children really enjoyed painting the boat orange to make it colourful, but it was very messy! Also, some children including Laia, Jana and Adrianna made some scary jellyfish out of paper and string. However, once the children were finished the jellyfish look pretty and colourful instead of scary! The last ocean themed activity of today was finishing off the paper mache, which is going to be turned into a fish tomorrow once it has been painted. Aitana, Judit and Sarah had lots of fun sticking the paper to the balloon.

Before lunch, all the children headed to the vegetable garden to pick lots of tasty tomatos and peppers to use for todays lunch which were very tasty! The children enjoyed working as a team to find all the big peppers and juicy juicy red tomatos. The little children would search down low, whilst the older ones would search up high! Also, Max and Marc enjoyed pushing the small weelbarrow around the garden so all the other children could place their tasty vegetables into it. Also, the children had great fun planting the last of the basil, they really enjoyed smelling the herb.

The children also done lots of exploring in the garden today where they caught many interesting insects! The children spotted a lizzard quickly running up the tree and josh managed to catch it. The children loved watching josh trying to catch the lizzard, however once he caught it it quickly jumped away. They caught many other insects including worms, spiders and ants. To end the day, the children ate Maria´s delicious homemade coca which they really enjoyed!

Today was a fun filled ocean themed day, and we can´t wait for tomorrow´s exciting last day!

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