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Pirate treasure chests

Well “shiver me timbers”! It was the last day of our pirate-themed week here at Casa Nostra and what mighty fine pirates we have made. To start the day, we completed a whole array of pirate crafts: super pirate hooks, cute pirate faces made using our very own handprints and more telescopes for us to keep a look for any approaching ships from the roof of our castle here.

Because the weather was so much better today, we spent a long time in the vegetable garden collecting juicy tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. Before we left, we made sure that we had thoroughly watered all the plants so that we will have lots more vegetables to collect next week.

All of us went to visit the animals today, who were really happy to see us. The goats seemed to be especially pleased, as they made a lot of noise, as if they were saying ´hello´to us!

Bruno turned out to be an expert putting the eye patch on the pirate with his eyes blindfolded - he managed to put it exactly in the place where it should have been. Well done Bruno!

This afternoon, we´ve made some fantastic pirate treasure chests, bounced on the trampoline, played on the bikes and cars, swum in the pool and relaxed in the hammocks and loungers for a little bit. It´s exhausting being a pirate! To replenish our energies, we thoroughly enjoyed making and eating delicious chocolate cake and lemon cake. The perfect way to end our week!

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