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Today was filled with sun and fun! We started off with some ball games where the kids enjoyed shooting the ball through hoops, shouting for it to be raised higher and higher! It was then time to get our hands very sticky and make plum jam. After peeling dozens of plums the kids washed their hands and played dress up. They transformed into princes and princesses, making dens out of the soft play blocks. After breakfast we took a trip to the vegetable garden and searched for the reddest tomatoes and biggest peppers. Each child filled their basket with delicious vegetables and watered the ones that had not yet grown big enough to pick. It was then time to sparkle as we created magic wands! The kids decorated their wands with glitter, sequins, feathers and colours. We then took a dip in the pool to cool off before lunch. After lunch we read stories and made our own jewellery from Scoobys. The kids then made their own shop to sell what they had made to anyone who came to visit the farm that afternoon. Other groups also made an amazing sponge cake which lasted all of five minutes once it was cooked as we all tried a piece.

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