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Motor powered car

Today we started off by planting vegetables such as peppers, onions and lettuce, we all enjoyed planting and watering our vegetables.

We then went to feed the donkey, sheep, goats and ducks, while there we put the rains on the donkey and took her for a walk round the farm taking turns riding on her back, most of the children enjoyed this although some are still a little unsure of her we all pet her and gave her some straw to eat.

We then came up to the house to start building cars, the younger children made a balloon powered car using cardboard, straws and bottle lids for wheels, while the older children made a battery and motor powered car using a plastic bottle straws, bottle lids, a battery and a small motor and connected the battery and motor with wires, this was a fun activity for all of the children.

We then collected eggs from the chickens and fed them, after this we sat in the garden learning different songs such as old McDonald had a farm, 5 little monkeys and the wheels on the bus, this helps the children learning English and counting.

We then came and collected the cars we had made and took them into the garden to see how well they were working, most of the children´s cars where working although some needed a little help.

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