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Meeting Perla

Today we all met the new addition to the farm, Perla the donkey, we took Perla for a walk around the farm taking turns riding on her back and feeding her, most of the children had a turn riding her, others were a little unsure of her to begin with, but eventually came over to her to pet her, Perla is very nice and friendly and we all enjoyed meeting her for the first time.

Today we planted water melon and tomato´s we all took turns planting and watering.

Then we came up to the kitchen to prepare the toppings and the dough we all took turns chopping vegetables and fruit to put on our pizza´s, we then mixed up the dough and began to need it gently with our hands, then we put the tomato sauce and on the dough and picked our toppings to make our own pizza´s.

We made spider and butterfly paintings with our hands, taking turns we painted our hands with different colors and pressed them firmly onto the paper to make one side of the spider and butterfly and then repeating the same thing with the other hand.

Then younger children then learnt some nursery rhymes about farm yard animals and other types of creatures while the older children did an obstacle course around the garden.

After this all of the children came together to collect the eggs from the chickens.

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