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Exploring feelings and emotions


Early years

Hello everyone! We have had a wonderful week learning about our feelings in 'Personal, Social and Emotional Development’. We have been exploring different feelings - as well as why and when we might feel them. We have also enjoyed watching our plants grow and taking care of them. In Literacy, we have been recognising and writing letters. In Numeracy, Shape and Space, we have been working hard on pattern-making and discovering shapes in English.

Don't forget bring something something special for Show and Tell on Monday!

Year 1 &2

The most exciting part of our week was our trip to the Cim d’Àligues, where we saw birds of prey flying and being fed. We were lucky to be the only group visiting that day, so we had the whole park to ourselves. We wrote about our trip for the school magazine, so you can find out some more about it there. We have also done some story writing this week, based on a Tiger Came to Tea by Judith Kerr. In Numeracy we have been consolidating addition and subtraction and we have also had a go at reading tables and making graphs to record how our plants are growing. On Wednesday we did a Big Write with Year 3&4, and we worked really hard!

Year 3 & 4

This week we have been continuing our learning about the history of Ancient Egypt, specifically from its inception to its current form. We have also been working hard on our writing, creating some interesting stories during our ‘Big Write’ class with the Year 1&2’s as well as reviewing strategies in mathematics such as skip counting, bridging ten’s, doubles and near doubles. In addition to reviewing these strategies, we have also been focusing on our double (and triple) digit number addition and subtraction problems, including crossing over 10’s. Everyone has been working really well and producing some fantastic work!


A very hearty good day to all, the students have bonded together and are a team to be proud of.

This week has been great, the class has turned a corner and is working as a team,

Their motto is “ We leave no one behind.”

They have been working on various projects , which incorporate learning with hands adapting and overcoming problems in Maths and the three sciences, they have been studying Shakespeare, and will be covering other famous writers as the term moves along.

They have been planning trips, and the Summer Parents and Students event.

They shall be checking on their individual gardens daily and observing growth etc.

In History they have been looking at the Norman conquest of Britain and how it affected the country, also they are doing The Medieval Times, and will be building replicas of things from these and other periods, and comparing the similarities, in development of society around the world. We look at the changes in Weather daily, and in Geography discuss the implications for people around the world.

Watch out for revelations next week.

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