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3d Shapes

This week in Phonics, we have been consolidating our understanding of consonant blends and clusters. We will begin looking at clusters such as str and thr next week. We have also been reading and writing sentences including the sounds that we have been learning. In Maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes, naming and describing their properties and talking about them in real life contexts. Next week we will begin to learn about multiplication and division. We finished our unit on Under the Sea this week, describing different sea creatures, learning about their habitats and linking this topic to our recycling topic. We learnt about what happens to waste in relation to the ocean and why it’s so important to recycle! We have been going to the recycling bins regularly in the afternoons to dispose of plastic, paper and organic waste. Please continue to do the same at home and help your child understand why this is such an important issue. We finished the week singing ‘We’ve got the whole wide world in our hands’ and talked about what it meant to have the world in your hands and the responsibilities that we have. The older children had a lot of fun playing Pacman in PE. We used our strategic skills to invade and capture our opponents, and used the lines on the basketball court to travel in different directions. In Science we looked at plant and animal organisms and in Maths we recapped our knowledge of decimals, estimating and rounding. In English we looked at features like prologues and analysing the writer's voice in the text. On Friday, the children planned two lovely activities for Mothers Day involving cards and bath bombs!

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