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Road vocabularies

Today was a nice day and we have had so much fun in granja escola.

The first class started the day with road vocabularies and worked on different words like bus, taxi, airplanes... Then they went and visited the animals and fed them. In the garden they picked onions, they had lovely pizza for snack then when they went to the classroom they made their own airplaned and decorated really nice.

The second class started their day by working on the new words in the classroom. Àneu was really good at it. When they went to the animals Aina was really nice with animals, Txell was really the best in the garden and Alex behaved very good in the classroom and out. The read the cinderella story and Marc and Txell did their best to explain what the story is about.

The third class started the day by making their own booklets which was obout themselves. First they made the cover page with their pictures and then adding more worksheets which was about what do they like and what they don't like, everybody did a fantastic job in this activity. We played a funny game out of the classroom named Capture the Flag which was difficult at the beginning and after five minutes they all got the rules and could enjoy it a lot. As we were busy just had a short visit in the animals at the end of the day but everybody enjoyed it and could feed the animals properly.

See you all next Saturday.

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