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Creating colours

Class 1:

Today, Class was focused on creating colours and mixing them. The students learned how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours. Jan learned how to make green, using blue and yellow for example. Some of the students also used their new knowledge of colours to paint images of characters they knew. It was a bit messy, but he did really well. In the kitchen, we made corn flake cakes. Each student had their own bowl in which they mixed the ingredients and made their own cupcakes from them. The cakes came out really well and the students were really pleased with what they made. On the farm, Eric was nervous about feeding the chickens, but when he saw the other students being around them, he joined the group in the enclosure and fed the chickens too.

Class 2:

There were ten enthusiastic students today. The nine regulars welcomed a new student, Daniella, who did really well. She picked her own lettuce from the farm and got familiar with the chicks and rabbits after some initial apprehension! The class progressed its understanding of 2D shapes and colours and they created a code to recognise different 2D shapes. In addition, they began to link 2D and 3D shapes together. This transition to a new perspective was a challenge at first but at the end of the class, everyone had completed their sheet correctly and understood it well. The class trip to the kitchen involved making some chocolate corn flake cakes using melted marshmallows. All the students found this recipe very delicious and it was a struggle for the mixture to make it into the cupcake holders instead of the students' mouths!

Class 3:

Today in class 3 we were having a look at different emotions! The children looked at different scenarios on flash cards, and tried to use the words they had learnt to express how they would feel. They then thought of their own examples of all sorts of things that make them feel calm, happy, scared and more! They all did a great job of thinking independently, and did their best to write in English. We also made some delicious pizza.

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