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Tasty granola bars

Class 1:

Many children and parents attended our extra-curricular group today! It was a great opportunity for them all to learn on the farm together in the afternoon sunshine.Everybody had lots of fun making British-style Flapjacks using oats, butter, jam and chocolate. We each had our own bowl of ingredients to stir to then create a flapjack to bake in the oven. After, we introduced everybody to 'night and day' and got creative with the moon, sun ad stars! Biel enjoyed painting different shades of blue and sprinkling glitter all over in order to create stars in the sky. We used cotton wool as clouds and yellow card to create the sun and the moon. This activity helped to contribute to the young children's understanding of night and day time and where the moon, sun and stars go!

Class 2:

The focus for Class 2 today (as well as learning about the farm and cooking tasty granola bars), was to develop skills and knowledge of two dimensional shapes. Nine energetic students began the afternoon by learning the English names for different shapes and then they had a go at tracing them. Banu put in a lot of effort in this task and was very keen to make sure her spelling was okay. Paula and Aran also worked together really well and supported each other with learning new words. Later in the afternoon, the class had the chance to explore the farm and find the shapes they had been learning about in their surroundings. Gina spotted that the slide l