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Sant Jordi dragon

This morning class 1 began class by discussing seasons and describing how each season looked and how the weather changed. We reinforced what we discussed by completing season and weather coloring pages. We focused on the colors you see each season. We left the classroom and described today's weather and the colors we saw outside in correspondence to the spring season. We collected beans and taught the kids how to eat them. We later treated them to cinnamon cookies. In the class we continued with our season theme and painted a tree for each season. The class traced their own hands to create the trunk and used their fingers to paint leaves. They did very well remembering the colors for each season.

Class 2 started of with a sant jordi dragon craft! They designed their own dragons! Txell made a beautiful rainbow dragon. In the kitchen we made mini chocolate muffins. All the class chipped in and helped to add ingredients and mix!! In the garden they collected and many beans as they could carry! And then we went and said hello to Perla, fed the chickens and then had a few cuddles off cookie out goat. After farm activities we went back to class and created sant Jordi themed masks and acted out the legendary story! Àneu, Marc and Alex were fierce dragons and Aina and Txell were the beautiful princesses!

Class 3 as the children began to arrive, they got stuck into a puzzle; full of questions and answers in English that they had to piece together. It was a challenge, but they enjoyed a lot and learnt heaps of vocabulary in the process! We then began our topic of teavel, whereby the children created their own suitcase from a 3d net; complete with a luggage label of their choice destination and a British passport! Later on, in teams they created a holiday plan... by working nicely together, they decided where they wanted to go; who with and what they will be doing. All of the children worked well and left smiling with their creations

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