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Bonnie, the new Bunnie

Today class 1 hopped into the Easter spirit. In their Easter themed class they cooked a tasty chocolate baguette. Then, they pranced around like bunnies to the garden to bag themselves some onions! The little ones were excited to meet the (new!) bunnie, Bonnie, and treated her with care. Back in the classroom, the children made bunny bookmarks, which they creatively designed themselves and the teachers introduced to the art or oragami! In class 3 today the children were looking at shapes. They began by learning the vocabulary and solidified this with a team game in the garden. In their teams, the children had to listen for a shape, and then create it as fast as they could (remembering how many sides there were) using sticks. And, later on, the children went for a shape hunt... they identified the object, drew a picture and wrote down the shape name. I was impressed with how well they remembered all of the vocabulary!

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