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Fishing rods

In the class with Oasis and Samia today, the children made fishing rods out of sticks and hunted for fish around the farm! The fish were numbered 1-10, as they are still in progress of mastering this. In the classroom, they then learned a song featuring fish and numbers! Then; continuing with the underwater theme, they crafted colorful jelly fish. About the farm, the kids we excited to meet the new animals (chicks and bunny) and treated them with care. Also, It was Bernat's 4th birthday today, and as he loves Apple's, they decided to cook up some tasty apple cinnamon muffins; and finish up with a good ol' birthday sing song. This evening Jo had a new set of visitors come to the farm for the first time. They got a full tour of the animals; Perla gave them all a ride and they got cuddles off the new bunny, Bonnie! The children then made sweet pizza dough, and they picked some spinach and beans to take home. The children all seemed so happy to have a full run around on the farm and make the most of their time here! Today the oldest children took a look at food and flavours. They began by creating a colourful group poster, full of pictures and riddles that they matched together as a team. The children then experienced various flavours, and learnt different words to describe taste; giving their opinion and understanding the difference between salty, sweet and sour! They all did a great job and had lots of fun, too.

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