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Flower bouquets

Group 1 were looking at foods, and looking at words to describe different flavours... They created a group piece where the children worked out the food through a riddle description. They listened well and knew most of the answers! We then had a tasting session, and worked out which part of the tongue is affected by flavours like sweet, salty and sour . For group 2, today was under water themed and theyve been mastering the numbers. The teachers made fishing poles and hid numbered fish all over the farm. The kids caught the fish and put the numbers together. They made banana chocolate muffins and collected spinach. For their crafts they made jellyfish! Group 3 had a flower theme. They decorated their names with flowers, coloured in and made flower bouquets, picked spinach in the garden, rode our horse Pe

rla, and baked biscuits in the kitchen

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