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Healthy Spinach

This Thursday Class one explored the garden and reviewed the different vegetables, the class ended at the Spinach lot and learned to pick Spinach! They visited the farm animals and we began discussing mythical animals like dragons! We crafted our own dragons out of card. The kids created colorful fire breathing dragons with wings and other designs. The class tried something new in the kitchen and made herb and tomato bread. Class 2 explored the farm differently this week. As they visited the farm animals they had a verbal scavenger hunt. Teacher Jo called out farm items, animals, and places for the kids to get. The children had a lot of fun! The class picked Spinach and learned to wash the vegetables they pick. In the classroom the group focused on numbers and colors, the group has mastered the subject! They ended the class enjoying orange muffins. Class 3 focused on seasons and how nature and animals change throughout the year. When going through the farm the class pointed out the plants and animals that change with the seasons. In the vegetable garden, the class went over the climates vegetables grow in and collected some healthy Spinach. They were treated to bake chocolate biscuits. All the teachers have been noticing great improvements with each class. We are looking forward to next week!

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