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Outdoor games

The first group celebrated St. Patrick's day with the class. They did themed coloring pages and created a pot of gold. We focused on colors during the activities as they had a lot of rainbows on the worksheets. They picked Spinach and reviewed the names of the rest of the crops in the garden. The kids went into the sheep and goat pen for the first time. They lovedddd it. And they made calzones.

The second group focused on spring theme. They played loads of outdoor games with colors and spring theme. They had coloring in activities and they all did a very good job. About the games all the students enjoyed it and although they were so tired they just wanted to continue. They sang lots of songs as well and everybody was so happy about it, and they were just singing them all around the farm.

The third group focused on the theme of Spring. They did a spring hunt in the garden, looking for new growth. They made delicious chocolate cookies, and picked onions. They made easter cards for the families, and they finished making a group mural.

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