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Big lettuces

Today class one plodded through the garden to find themselves a lettuce to pluck, they were huge! Although at first the kids weren't into the idea of eating it, the teachers shared some fun ideas of ways to eat and they were soon excited. In the garden the children had a go at the climbing wall on the side of the library, and some were very brave; overcoming their fear of heights! Back in the classroom, the kids got into a theme st Patrick's day by making their own pot of gold and either decorated with a four leaf clover in hope for luck, or a rainbow in hope for more gold! Class 3 were looking at clothing. They began by having verbal quizes about who was wearing what, and labeling colourful clothing on a washing line. Next up, the group got into 3 teams, and went for a hunt to find various clothing that'd been hidden around the garden. Once they found something, they had to indentify it and the place it was found on their sheet! Everbody worked well together and enjoyed themselves a lot! In the kitchen they cooked up some Indian chapatti's; everybody made their own dough and had to work hard a kneading it. The end result was great!

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