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St Patrick`s day

Class one started the new week off by learning about the all important St. Patrick's day which we love to celebrate in style in England! In the garden they picked lettuce and discussed the different things they could make with it. They also learned how to take the roots off. They then did their rounds around the farm and said hello to all the animals! In the chicken coop they found 5 eggs! In the classroom they each made a pot of gold with a four leaf clover for good luck then finished the day by playing a card game, reviewing the names of animals, toys, and shapes. The kids almost got all the cards! Well done! Class two are still looking at springtime! As the weather is starting to pick up, they tired to spend as much time as possible outside around the farm. They went on a spring time hunt, searching for all the the items on the list! Different flowers, fruit trees and creepy crawlies! In the classroom they all got to make their own daffodils that grow at this time of year! Class three were looking at clothing they were quizzed and asked questions about who was wearing what... They also went for a hunt around the farm to find various clothing that had been hidden around the garden. Once they found something, they had to identify it, where is was found and then mark it on their work sheet! In the kitchen they discovered a new Asian recipe and made some Indian chapatti's; they all got to make their own dough and had to work hard a kneading it! They were delicious!

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