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Today class 1 learned all about clothing! As Spring is approaching, the teachers taught the class about spring clothes. The children spent some time pasting spring clothing on printout dolls of each student; they then used the costume box to dress up, discuss and define the different clothing items. There were ghosts, princesses, pirates, witches, and even Santa Claus parading around! Outdoors amongst the farm, the kids planted onion and collected cauliflower. The teachers introduced the sprouts to the kids through smell; they were supposed that the sprouts already smelled so strongly of onion! All in all, the children enjoyed themselves and seemed to leave the farm gates with more English under their belt! Class 3 today class recapped the things they learned last week: creatures under the sea! The children all read a funny book together and they all listened well to funny rhymes about jellyfish, whales, seahorses etc. They then worked through riddles to figure out which creature was being described. Asier raced through this; finishing first! The children loved spending some time with our exciteable dogs, asking them to sit and stroking their fur. In the kitchen, as a treat after last weeks healthy cooking session, everybody got together to create a mouth watering chocolate brownie, well done for working hard team!

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